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Russia-Moscow, St Petersburg:

Moscow continues to experience a growing expatriate community and a relatively strong economy. The city offers all the shopping and dining options you would expect to find in a major European city, with a fantastic array of cultural events and Tourist sites on offer. There is a great nightlife and top-end restaurants.

There is a very active social life in the city, with cafes, bars and restaurants often being full throughout the day and night.

From an architectural standpoint, the city is a mesh of truly impressive buildings, old-style soviet apartment blocks, wide streets (in some cases extremely wide) and underground walkways. The Moscow River winds its way through the urban landscape providing some attractive views


As you might expect, winter months in Moscow are very cold and snowy so a variety of winter sports and activities are available as well as some great scenery. Fortunately heating also works extremely well, so there is always indoor refugee. Those who arrive in Russia in the summer months (June to August) are often pleasantly surprised by how hot the Russian summer can be. Spring and autumn tend to be brief periods of change between very low and very high temperatures.

Summers are short and hot. The average July temperature for Moscow is 18 degrees although heat waves with temperatures in the lower 30s are not uncommon from mid-May to mid-August.


There are a number of flea markets and museums, parks and art galleries and lots of cultural shows such as opera or ballet at reasonable prices. You can also explore the amazing forests and nature that surrounds the city or even travel to other locations in Russia such as St. Petersburg that is only 1 hour away by plane.

In short, Moscow is an exciting and exotic city.


For winter, it is best to have 'removable layers' of clothing as it may well be cold out on the street but the interior of Russian buildings – both homes and offices – may be very warm verging on uncomfortably hot. A good, warm hat (made of fur or insulated man-made materials) is an essential piece of kit, as are scarves, gloves and good warm winter boots.

Summer wear needs to take into account both very warm, humid temperatures as well as frequent showers which occur when the weather is thundery.

Russian Language and Culture

Russian is not an easy language to learn and will require considerable time and effort to master completely. However, your time in Russia will be much more rewarding if you make some effort to learn the language and at least the basics about Russia's cultural heritage.

Personal Safety

Moscow is no more dangerous or safe than any other large urban area of comparable size. Indeed many long-term expatriates often comment positively on how safe Moscow feels.

English Nannies and governesses in Moscow

There is a large network of English nannies and governesses already working in Moscow.