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Congratulations you're having a baby!

Being a new Mum can be tiring, using a Maternity Nurse for the first few months after the birth will ease your worries, she will be there to support you and assist you with your new baby.

All our Maternity Nurses are qualified Maternity Nurses, Nurses or Midwifes with over 3 years experience of working with new-borns.

The maternity nurse will give you the confidence to cope quickly and can give you a routine to follow to suit your family's needs.

What you can expect from a Maternity Nurse

Typical Salaries

Maternity nurses are self-employed. Salaries vary according to age and experience and whether she is responsible for a single baby, twins or triplets.

£1000 - £1500 gross per 24 hours of 6 day cover for a single baby

£1300 + gross per 24 hours of 6 day cover for multiple births


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