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Nannies and Governesses

We are always looking for experienced British, English speaking Nannies, French speaking Nannies and Norland Nannies in London and for our Nanny jobs overseas, we are one of the leading International Nanny Agencies in London primarily dealing with English and French speaking Nanny jobs in London, Geneva, Zurich, Monaco, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and Overseas.

All Nannies must have a DBS /Police check, you can apply for one through us.

We welcome applications from experienced Nannies, Teachers and Governesses, please email your CV and photo to:


If you meet our criteria you will then be invited for an interview.

Interview is by Appointment Only


We also offer Nanny Training courses for all nannies. Please see the Courses link above.


For more information on the countries we place nannies in please choose a country and click on its profile:

Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the UAE


Russia-Moscow, St Petersburg:


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